Frequently Asked Questions: Baku

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan, sharing its borders with Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Iran and Turkey
Average flying time from UK is 5.5 hours.
It's mostly dry all year round, although October to December can be wetter. Summer is June to September and winter is November to March.
New glitzy architecture coupled with the old walled town of Baku. You’ll find a wealth of museums and culture, festivals galore and ancient palaces. Boat trips, volcanoes plus plenty more.
Absolutely yes, it’s even safe to walk around during the night
It’s Azerbaijani but English is widely spoken too.
Typical Azerbaijani food includes rice, nuts, fried meats, dried fruit, eggs, fish and herbs. Western food can be obtained in the international hotels. Alcohol is freely available.
It’s the Azerbaijani manat
Plenty of international branded hotels such as Pullman, Fairmont and Radisson coupled with some beautiful traditional hotels
You can experience tiny historic towns, beautiful mountain ranges and national parks, lakes, the Caspian sea and stunning beaches and even more culture and tradition throughout this beautiful country

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