Frequently Asked Questions: Swedish Lapland

Skellefteå is situated close to the Bothnia Bay on southern edge of Swedish Lapland. As well as beautiful surroundings, it's famous for it's gold mines and ice hockey!
From your home destination you travel to Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport (ARN) and then onwards to Skellefteå (SFT). For your return journey check in at Skellefteå airport is only 20 minutes before departure.

There are regular flights between Arlanda Airport in Stockholm and Skellefteå’s Airport with Norwegian Airlines and SAS.
You will be met at Skellefteå airport and transferred to your hotel. Transfer is approx. 20 minutes.

Yes it’s perfectly safe. You will be provided with arctic clothing to wear during the activities.
In general daylight hours are shorter than in the UK in winter months and depends on when you travel.
If you are able to drive a standard car in the UK and are able to walk on the ice, it’s fine but we may need to talk about this in more detail before a final decision is made, for your own safety.
This incentive programme is based on all private group transfers throughout. Please note the bus is fully equipped for arctic conditions.
To ensure we make the most of our scheduled activities, everyone will need to be available at the specified times throughout.
We will provide each delegate with high quality arctic jackets and trousers that can be used for the duration of the trip. These suits are worn over your own clothing. They are essential for driving on the ice as you will be outside most of the day
Layers! A few layers of vest type clothing are better than one thick one. We suggest thermal socks, hats and gloves and substantial winter walking boots with a good base grip.

Travel in warm trousers/jeans or similar and a ski-type jacket. It will be cold when you arrive at Skellefteå airport.

Also pack a good quality lip balm and a skin protection barrier cream.
You will not be required to wear helmets on the land based race track whilst driving the Audis and other vehicles, just your arctic jackets and trousers.

You will, however, be required to wear full safety helmets when you will be driving the Polaris vehicles and snow-mobiles over the frozen lake and in the wilderness. We will provide helmets for you. Please note you will not be allowed on the ice without this protection
Yes, a full orientation and safety briefing will be delivered to the group prior to getting the vehicles out onto the ice and snow tracks.

You will also be required to sign a Waiver document.
We would always recommend travelling with a full and valid driving licence from your destination country.
You will not be permitted near the race track or vehicles if you have consumed alcohol that morning.

Alcohol will not be served with lunch on the track days.
Yes, our local team on the ground speak English and representatives from the Top Dogs Travel team will meet the group at the hotel and accompany the group throughout.
It’s never a guarantee but the winter is the best period to experience this spectacular natural light show.
As with all adventure travel there is an element of risk and this is why we ask you to ensure that your group is fully covered by insurance.

Skellefteå is a safe place with no crime rate. Year on year, statistics show that the crime rate in Skellefteå is lower than the Swedish average, which is already very low by international standards.

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We have tried to anticipate most of the questions you might have in our FAQs, but if not, do let us know and we’ll answer to the best of our ability!

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